". . . But the past does not exist independently from the present. Indeed, the past is only past because there is a present, just as I can point to something over there only because I am here. But nothing is inherently over there or here. In that sense, the past has no content. The past -- or more accurately, pastness -- is a position. Thus, in no way can we identify the past as past." p. 15

". . . But we may want to keep in mind that deeds and words are not as distinguishable as often we presume. History does not belong only to its narrators, professional or amateur. While some of us debate what history is or was, others take it into their own hands." p. 153

Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History (1995) by Michel-Rolph Trouillot

Friday, April 12, 2013

South Atlantic States of Mind

So much to do, to plan this, in order to get the most out of our limited time (last part of May, first few days of June).

The dream list is Richmond, Norfolk, Williamsburg, Charlottesville, Charleston, Savannah, Sea Islands and St. Augustine.

Transportation will be a mixture of train and rental car(s).

How many of these sites we will manage, who knows, really.  But I'm looking up Black history tours and sites, newspapers and radio stations in all of them.  Hoping to find friends along the way to stay with on occasion.

Consider what and what can't be managed, it's more than fortunate that royalty chex arrived ....

It's gonna be HOT, that's all I know for sure at this time.

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Foxessa said...

This all seems to have gotten a lot easier, as well as less costly, as a friend wants to loan us a car that isn't being used these days.