". . . But the past does not exist independently from the present. Indeed, the past is only past because there is a present, just as I can point to something over there only because I am here. But nothing is inherently over there or here. In that sense, the past has no content. The past -- or more accurately, pastness -- is a position. Thus, in no way can we identify the past as past." p. 15

". . . But we may want to keep in mind that deeds and words are not as distinguishable as often we presume. History does not belong only to its narrators, professional or amateur. While some of us debate what history is or was, others take it into their own hands." p. 153

Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History (1995) by Michel-Rolph Trouillot

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Historic Message, Penned in the Present

"President Obama Announces White House Council on Women and Girls"

The announcement of this Executive Order can be found here.

[ During its first year, the Council will also focus on the following areas:

  • Improving women’s economic security by ensuring that each of the agencies is working to directly improve the economic status of women.
  • Working with each agency to ensure that the administration evaluates and develops policies that establish a balance between work and family.
  • Working hand-in-hand with the Vice President, the Justice Department’s Office of Violence Against Women and other government officials to find new ways to prevent violence against women, at home and abroad.
  • Finally, the critical work of the Council will be to help build healthy families and improve women’s health care.

The White House Council on Women and Girls will meet regularly, and will serve as a forum for all involved agencies to focus on women. ]

Then came the luncheon launch.


Renegade Eye said...

It's not a specific proposal. It is different than what Bush would have even thought about.

O.T. I didn't find out if you sae Che, yet? I liked it, with part one my favorite. It was overall accurate.

Only part two, implied Bolivia wasn't ripe for revolution. By the strike waves about a year after Che's death, it showed they were ready for change, but not guerillaism.

Foxessa said...

We haven't seen Che. We're so busy, and all those hours in a theater do not appeal. We'll watch it on dvd, at our pace, I guess. But neither of can sit still in a theater seat that long.

Besides the photos for the color insert in The Year Before the Flood had to be turned today. The copy edit came yesterday and needs to be taken care of right away. Then Ralphee Mercado died, and the viewing was today, and the memorial service is coming up. And the LEH award banquet is next weekend and thus need to go off to Louisiana for a week, and so on and so forth.

And I'm researching and writing a novel for the first time in a long time.

4 + hours in a movie theater just do not fit in here!

Love, c.