". . . But the past does not exist independently from the present. Indeed, the past is only past because there is a present, just as I can point to something over there only because I am here. But nothing is inherently over there or here. In that sense, the past has no content. The past -- or more accurately, pastness -- is a position. Thus, in no way can we identify the past as past." p. 15

". . . But we may want to keep in mind that deeds and words are not as distinguishable as often we presume. History does not belong only to its narrators, professional or amateur. While some of us debate what history is or was, others take it into their own hands." p. 153

Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History (1995) by Michel-Rolph Trouillot

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cuba & Gustav

Recall, post the Katrina disasters, Cuba offered substantial medical aid of personnel, who are deeply experienced with both hurricane disasters and performing surgical and medical procedures successfully without electricity. The US regime turned it down.

For the disaster of Gustav this US regime offered the insulting 'aid' of $100, 000 ... to a nation that operates in Euros. Recall the value ratio between the two these days.

The media here is being all up self-righteous and aghast that Cuba isn't broadcasting 24/7 that the regime offered them $100,000 dollars. And, um this part, that the U.S. media IS NOT REPORTING, that the condition was that these magnificent funds be distributed not by the Cuban state or that the state determine where this munificence be spent, but that the money be handed over to a private individual of the regime's own choosing to distribute as the regime determines. Riiiiiiiight.

The Cubans returned that the aid they really need and would appreciate would be the sales of U.S. agricultural products to their nation.


Frank Partisan said...

Celia Hart the Cuban Trotskyist, died in an auto accident related to the storm. She was the daughter of Armando Hart, who was with Fidel at Moncatta. See my blog.

Foxessa said...

Yeah, we'd gotten the news.

It's the MoncaDA Barracks, not 'Moncatta,' just soze you no. There is no double T usage in el español

Love, C.