". . . But the past does not exist independently from the present. Indeed, the past is only past because there is a present, just as I can point to something over there only because I am here. But nothing is inherently over there or here. In that sense, the past has no content. The past -- or more accurately, pastness -- is a position. Thus, in no way can we identify the past as past." p. 15

". . . But we may want to keep in mind that deeds and words are not as distinguishable as often we presume. History does not belong only to its narrators, professional or amateur. While some of us debate what history is or was, others take it into their own hands." p. 153

Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History (1995) by Michel-Rolph Trouillot

Friday, September 7, 2012

The President Asks For Our Vote

Romney never once in his acceptance speech asked for anybody's vote. He doesn't know how to ask. Nor did he mention the wars, the soldiers, climate change, or anything other than how awful government is and how he'll be the best god-danged CEO of Corporation USA.

Bam! 1 - the First Lady - Bam 2 Clinton - Bam 3! - the President

And in between -- Wow! - Joe Biden did great. The way he pointed out the difference between what government does, and how corporations -- like Bain -- work, that was a 1-2-3 knockout bit. There were other ones too. Just one after another. I'd rank the presenters on the level from "good," to "setting the house on fire!" For all of the three days -- which of course I wasn't able to listen or see all of. I actually wanted to watch the vote roll call, after Clinton's speech. These were really interesting too. [ These were really interesting too. But we were working all this time and are still working, and I cannot say how grand it is to be working. The only people working harder than us are the people who don't have work. I'm speaking here from personal experience, OK. And this was left out by the frackin' mess bloggers entry codes are -- they dump your content constantly -- and you don't even know it until / if you look again. ]

In my opinion, listening and watching carefully, it seems that Obama delivered just as he needed to. They pulled this together very well. And inclusive -- they never missed an opportunity to speak of we and you, not me and mine. They never missed an opportunity to say she and her. It was like the attendees.

There was an entire aisle of wheelchairs, that went from the top of the auditorium to the floor. Arab American Democrat signs. Yarmulkas. Asians -- particularly Asian women. Women, everywhere. The attendees tended to young, youngish and middle-aged, including a lot of little children. So many latinos, so many. They seemed almost to be the largest group -- but one must keep in mind that Latin-Americans are a whole big diverse group, made of many, just like Asians are. Again, the smallest group seemed to be older white males.

The president is a man. An adult male. Such a relief. So few males out there are: no matter how old they are, they still are mostly concerned with things that seem made for kids, boys, 10 - 16. Obama, he's mature. Even though he plays basketball :)

I don't think too many downtown NYC even noticed there was a DNC going on. It's fashion week in Manhattan, and our neighborhood is one of the primary ground zeros for that. The streets of the entire central part of SoHo was police barrier blocked off from Broadway to West Broadway, open only to the limos of the rich, the famous and the brand name, and all their hangers on. The sidewalks ran with cheap champagne last night, as every designer with a retail presence here -- of which there are hundreds surely -- kept the store open until midnight or something for all and sundry who could manage to get in, while the free cheap champers and snackies flowed for the all. However, of course, for the bold-faced SUNDRY, there were velvet roped off areas with much higher quality foods and drinks, and chairs and tables and waitperson, service. Of course, none of THESE PEOPLE eat or drink anything, or if they do, they throw it up again, asap.

So we've got thousands of well-heeled, well-connected, fashion professionals of all sorts here from everywhere. Heard today in the tediously humid 88 degree afternoon, in a pronounced German accent, complaining to an English speaker: "There are so many Germans here. What are they doing here?????"  The same thing you are, silly!

FYI -- Fashionistas from the world over are cramming the convenience stores here, i.e. traditionally called delis, to buy lottery tickets.

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